TRIBUTE - March at Wellington St Projects

Tribute is our third collaborative project and continues to develop a combined practice investigating the contingent dynamics of networks that are social and situational.

The works in this exhibition are all modelled after selected works from our own collection, mostly comprised of local artists with whose work and practice we are familiar. The works titled Tribute or After take the structure of their namesakes and are made to celebrate the work of our peers and influences. In each piece the artist’s signature hand is removed, leaving a blank chroma-key stand-in as a physical tribute to the work that came before it, offered as a gift to the original creator. 

We seek to mindfully engage the inherent authorisation and agency that comes of building a collection of art; and to navigate the shifts in identity-roles between collector, curator and artist. Through the presentation of stand-in works, and images of works in situ at home, this exhibition attempts to re-locate artworks set adrift, and to draw attention back to their originality while simultaneously expressing concepts and practice of our own making.

Exhibition continues
17 - 26 MARCH

Gallery Hours
11-5 PM

Studio 8, 19-23 Wellington Street, Chippendale

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